International Forest Business Conference

William E. Schlosser, Ph.D. Dr. Bill

Washington State University Benefits

I am a faculty member in Washington State University’s School of the Environment. I am three-time alumni of WSU (’89, ’90, ’02), and have worked internationally in the private forest management industry for decades. I have also served as faculty member for Lewis Clark State College, University of Idaho, Michigan State University, and Washington State University. I recently submitted two journal articles to the Journal of Forest Policy and Economics (Elsevier B.V.). They called me to ask if I would be Keynote Speaker at the International Forest Business Conference in Gdansk, Poland, June 2020.

Keynote speakership transitioned to me presenting about both papers I submitted, moderating one panel, and also teaching a class to industry professionals in conjunction with the conference and my research. They have offered WSU position as a sponsor of the program with a booth in the conference collaboration room, and a single page color insert to the conference program.

I am seeking travel, lodging, and registration funding for this effort to support international program outreach for WSU and my business contacts at this conference. These topics are footed in the School of the Environment and in the School of Economic Sciences – (Natural Resource Economics).

The International Forest Business Conference will be attended by global forest industry professionals. My position in this conference (Keynote Speaker, moderator, educator) facilitates connections with industry representatives to form relationships through the research I have developed and will continue to expand through this international set of linkages. My research has been applied to forestland markets in North America and I am prepared to expand to other countries using economic indicators and market data I can only capture with the people I will meet at this conference. It is a rare event of possibilities coming together in Poland in 2020.

I have coordinated with the conference organizers to invite students from Polish Universities to attend a two-evening class I will teach at the conference – without charge. During those sessions I will be able to promote WSU international programs most effectively.