Western Forest Economists Virtual 2021 Conference


Dr. Bill

William E. Schlosser, Ph.D.

RPA Forecast tool

The RPA Forecast tool framework was published in April, 2021.

Journal of Forest Policy and Economics: Real Price Appreciation Forecast Tool: Two cycles in western Washington Delivered Log Market, from 1992-2019.

Dr. Bill’s WFE Presentation as a 6-image/page PDF.

FRASS YouTube channel

WFE ’21 Conference Presentation

I am Adjunct Associate Professor, and Lecturer in Washington State University’s School of the Environment. I am three-time alumni of WSU (’89, ’90, ’02), and have worked internationally in the private forest management industry for decades. I have served as faculty member for Lewis Clark State College, University of Idaho, Michigan State University, and again for Washington State University. I am a forest economist, ecologist, forester, and educator.

I am joined at this meeting by an outstanding Teaching Assistant (TA), Megan Bradley. She will monitor the Chat Line at this Zoom meeting and will answer simple questions, and compile others for an end of session Q/A or interrupt me to get an urgent question answered. Megan knows when to make me stop talking!
Megan is studying Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences with a minor in Earth Science, along with a Water Resource Science & Management Certificate. Megan took Natural Resource Ecology from me in Fall 2020, then joined the TA team in Spring 2021. She is a Senior in the School of the Environment program and will graduate December 2021!

Megan is looking for that great job as she ends her university career… Anyone want to contact her via e-mail? Or, do a private chat to begin the discussion I think you will not regret.

Douglas-fir SM & Better

Douglas-fir 2 Sawmill

Douglas-fir 2 Sawmill

Douglas-fir 3 Sawmill

Douglas-fir 4 Sawmill

Western Red Alder 2 Saw

Western Red Alder 2 Saw

Douglas-fir Export 12″+

Douglas-fir 8-12″ Export

Western Hemlock Export 8″+

Western Hemlock Export 8-12″

Western Red Alder 3 Saw

Western Red Alder 3 Saw

Western Red Alder pulp

Western Red Alder pulp

Western Hemlock SM & Better

Western Hemlock 2 Sawmill

Western Hemlock 3 Sawmill

Western Hemlock 4 Sawmill

Western Red Alder 4 Saw

Western Red Alder 4 Saw

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